minimalism 101

Okay! Let’s cut to the Chase

Minimalism is NOT

  • that guy who has 2 t-shirts
  • owning nothing but one toothbrush
  • being stingy (Although, saving money is a definite perk)

This blog is about you and me trying to embrace minimalism by being able to stay weird and fab!


Getting Started


Make a list of everything you own. Quantify it. (I literally have 4 SAME hairbrushes, 6 black nail polishes and 20 pairs of shoes… I AM A HOARDER!). So what am I doing this weekend? Cutting down what I own by 50%. Yes, Seriously! CALM DOWN! it’s alright! It’s just things! Trust me… We’ll be fine! (You can start with 30%…One category at a time…Shoes, clothes, food,  or your sock puppet collection!) 


Okay, so now our list is ready! There’s a pile of stuff you can live without (Yes, You CAN). Now Dig in. Make  3 separate bags.

Identify the stuff you can actually Donate (Yes, there are people who would love to have to have your 8th-grade beanie and those pants that we’re waiting to fit into) and the stuff that’s Trash (Uhm..I am referring to your sock puppet collection). And the last bag “Do I NEED this?” Bag. The stuff that you really need.

A Minimal Wardrobe

A Minimal Wardrobe

Don’t you already feel lighter? It really does feel like a cleanse… (Body and Mind). So are you up for the challenge? Get rid of 25 things you own this week!

In the upcoming posts, we will solely talk about how to be fashionable/trendy/all that while being a minimalist.

Always remember, Less is More!